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Kyle Burner Bio

Kyle Burner Bio

Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Guitar Player, Singer. Built first guitar in 2008 – Maple-Flame Hog-Maple/Sitka with Florentine Cutaway.

Like many young kids I did not start playing instruments with the intention of playing beautiful music. Rather, I wanted to be cool and spend time with my friends. Regardless of why I entered the world of music, I have found my way to a place that brings me great joy and hopefully allows me to do the same for others.

For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by guitar players and musicians. My father has played in either a local band or church bands my entire life.  I spent many nights laying at the foot of the stairs in my parents’ basement listening to my dad’s band practice.  Learning to play the guitar was just something that was bound to happen.

When I was about 12 years old my parents loaned me an old acoustic guitar that had floated around the family for years. The acoustic guitar did not last long as it did not provide me the “cool factor” that every 12 year old desires. After 2 electric guitars and with the help of the trade in value of a trumpet and a flute I had my first acoustic guitar. It was a red shallow body Ovation. I grew up with my dad playing an Ovation Adamas, so an Ovation seemed like the only logical choice to me at the time.  My limited exposure to different types of guitars allowed me to be completely content with my first guitar.  It wasn’t until I started building guitars that my eyes were opened to the different sounds a guitar can make and how different characteristics of the guitar can so greatly affect the tone of the instrument.

I was a stubborn child who did not like to take direction from my parents, and so every week while a band full of great guitar players were practicing in my basement I went to guitar lessons.  Looking back I realize how silly it all was.

High school came with busy schedules and guitar took a back seat to other activities.  As high school came to an end, I began leading the youth group worship band at church.  Through college I played in multiple church bands and played the guitar when I had free time from studying and work.

Before my senior year of college my grandfather passed away. Being the generous man he had always been, he left the grandkids some money.  I took the money my grandfather left me and took a trip to Pennsylvania with my father to spend a week with Kevin Gallagher of Omega Guitars.  That week has changed me it has provided me a creative outlet and something to be truly passionate about.  It was because of my grandfather’s generosity that I was allowed to discover something that has become and will continue to be a lifelong passion.

I cannot wait to continue to build guitars and get better with each one.  My hope is that through the joy, frustration, sweat and countless hours of contemplation that go into each guitar that we can create an instrument that exceeds the expectations of all who play it.