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We LOVE Clamps!

We LOVE Clamps!

alvarado-kyle-back-bracesThere are many ways to attach a back or top to a guitar.  We happen to LOVE using old-school wood F-clamps!  The more the merrier!

When we were trained in the methods of guitar building, our master luthier friend had stacks and stack of wood clamps in his shop. There was just something fun and magical about using them. We were hooked.  Over the past few years we have picked up more and more – and wish we had about 20 or 30 more.  So, if you’ve got some sitting in your shop collecting dust – you might want to email us.  HA!

The top photo shows us gluing a Bastogne Walnut back set to the rims of a guitar.  The photo to the left shows Kyle preparing the back braces, after being shaped, to fit into notched we have cut into the kerfed lining on the rims (sides) of the guitar.

This guitar is a part of the 5-guitar build we are doing for 2013, and will be going to our new friend Ricky!  We are really excited about this build and know he’s going to love it.