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#009 MS: Hormigo & Carpathian Review


From Jeff Brown
March 6, 2012

Dear Paul and Kyle,

Thank you so much for your care and craftsmanship in the building of my very special order guitar. As you know I comissioned this guitar in honor of my mother Judy Brown who passed away January 21st of 2010. My mom had a love for things of simple beauty and a deep love of music and having a guitar built in her honor seemed quite fitting.

Jeff-and-paul-photoFrom the very first phone call and through every detail of the build to the finished product I truly couldnt have asked for a better experience. The Bindings pull everything together in an amazing way. The cap on the headstock is gorgeous! The collabortion with Kyle on the inlay was great and the work he did on that custom inlay on the neck is simply stunning.

When I met you to pick up the guitar I was totally blown away! Even with the high quality pictures you provided through every step I wasnt ready for the sheer beauty of this instrument. At first I was reluctant to even take it from the case! I was breathless! When I finally did hold her in my hands (yes it is a she and her name is Judy) I was struck by the balance and again the fit and finish, what an amazing thing of beauty. The wood choices and your treatment of the woods was spot on. I am so happy with the hormigo back and sides and the carpathian spruce is the perfect match, so beautiful.

I strummed the very first D chord and it seemed like it rang on forever this instrument has a strong resonant sustain that slowly decays with each note maintaining near perfect separation. In the time that I have the guitar home I have really bonded with it, the guitar seems like an extension of my hands when I am playing it and this is a compliment to you guys as builders. This guitar is perfectly suited to fingerstyle playing, it is responsive to the lightest touch and responds so well to even the most delicately nuanced phrasing, but seems just as well suited to flatpicking and strumming. I asked for a versatile guitar and you didnt dissappoint! I am particularly amazed at how well it can go from light fingerstyle to heavy strumming with no breakup, in fact the more I dug in the more responsive this guitar seems to be. I have already with no reservation told many people about Burner Guitars and pointed them to the website. Feel free to give people my email address if they feel the need for a reference. Thank you guys again for all you have done and thank you for treating me like not just a valued customer, but like family.

God Bless,

Jeff Brown