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Hand Crafted

Hands on wood. Heating, bending, sanding, shaping, inlaying…

Creating art that makes music.

Hours upon hours of thinking, planning, doing – and then the reward.

One-Off Customization

In the process there becomes a relationship between builders and owner. The dreams are spoken aloud – and then we put those through our hands to pencil and computer to come up with a design that is all yours!

A one-off design that speaks of your love for music through a guitar.

The Balance

Father and son. One at a time. Painstakingly built with love for the craft in every cut, sanding stroke, glue joint or shave of a brace. We believe the balance between art, soul, craftsmanship and engineering is what makes a great guitar. We strive to coax a new song out of these gorgeous woods that grace our hands and tools.

The Detail

Meticulous attention to detail, from the design stage to completion, makes a Burner guitar truly a “piece of art that makes music”. Each piece of wood, fret wire, and tuners are carefully selected for both tonal properties and cohesive design sensibility.

Notes from Paul & Kyle

We LOVE Clamps!

We LOVE Clamps!

There are many ways to attach a back or top to a guitar. We happen to LOVE using…

Crazy EIR

Crazy EIR

One of our favorite parts of building guitars is finding unique sets of wood for the sides and…

A mass of new builds

A mass of new builds

After doing single guitar builds, and then two at a time, we decided to take on building five guitars…